Varnsdorf Museum

Oblastni Museum v Decine, pobocka Varnsdorf
Legii 2574
407 47 Varnsdorf
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 412 334 107

Varnsdorf Museum is a branch of the Regional Museum in Decin. The museum building (pictured) is currently closed to the public due to hazardous structural conditions.

Temporary location

The museum branch office is temporarily located in the Varnsdorf municipal library in space formerly occupied by the children’s and music departments. We apologize to our visitors for the inconvenience.

Research room

The museum research room is open Monday through Friday by appointment (call +420 412 334 107).


Mgr. Renata Prochazkova

Mgr. Josef Rybansky
Collections Curator

Mgr. Josef Zbihlej